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Just thought I'd share a few of my snaps from the Big Apple, I can't wait to go back and experience it all over again.

As if there is actually a Fashion Avenue- only in NY!!

Thought this YSL dress was perfect for the transition between winter and spring.

This backless dress is the epitome of sexy, we can always trust Karl.

Infamous Black and white.

You cannot actually stroll past Prada fifth ave store without noticing their visual merchandising. The mirrors caught the sun and twinkled all day long or reflected all the street lights at night. Very innovative way of screaming for attention.

Ah Miu Miu, those bags were truly scrumptious, shame the budget had already been blown before I discovered this trove of treasures. But the sales assistants were so rude!

These Alexander McQueen leggings are amazing, I wouldn't usually wear bottoms with this much cerise, but I would happily totter down the town in these little beauties and wouldn't care who was looking at me because I would be wearing McQueen!

Sale at Stella McCarthy, Guess the credit crunch is hitting everyone! Have to say how lovely the staff were here, I would have bought everything just to make them happy.

I would just like to point out the weather outside was about -3 and snowing so it warmed my little heart to see Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring collection, it really brightened my day (did nothing for my frostbitten fingers though).

We walkied past Comme Des Garcon bout three times before realising it was through this egg shaped, cave like door way. The store was very minimalist which allowed the clothes to sell themselves really.

We were so surprised when we walked onto Balenciaga,I don'treally know what we were expecting but it certainly was not a very minimalist, reclaimed factory looking interior, but some how the smart, quite formal collection transformed it into shabby chic.

Ahh that bag...just touchng it made me smile and it was displayed on a tree stump! I think we may see a trend occuring here.

Louis Vuitton- you couldn't miss it.

Maybe they should turn it in to an exclusive club at night?

Perfect lighting.

Beautiful dress.

I really wish UK stores paid as much time and money on visual merchandising as US stores, even H&M does it, sometimes you just have to spend money to make some, I can see a way out of the recession....

If even a chocolate delicatessen can create displays that make you want to stop and stare then UK retailers really have no excuse. We need to be excited more when it comes to the UK shopping experience, so retailers get on the US bandwagon and make us spend more money with galvanising displays.

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