*Jewellery For The Unruly*

Being a keen jewellery designer myself, though I don't have access to equipment to produce anything at the moment, I was really intrigued to learn who was behind the quirky necklaces that I've spotted several of the style queens wearing lately. That is when I found out about Zena and Me, pop and retro inspired jewellery 'treats' created by a girl with a love of all things small, shiny and symbolic, Zena Mckeown. What attracted me to her pieces is the individuality and simplistic creativity behind each design, you could own one and feel like its a one off piece.

Zena Mckeown wearing *Deer Boy*

Ha this is so fun *YEAH* the wearer of this necklace is bound to enjoy wering this as much as Miss Mckeown did designing it


The *Should I....?* necklace which you can choose in a variety of colour combinations and either silver or gold.

*Lightning Love*

Maybe this is the the answer to all that time wasted trying to find your Prince Charming in the form of the *Love-O-Meter* necklace.

*TakeMe Down Anchor*
My order's in the post for this little beauty as I type. As well as a little outlet in London's Backyard Market off BrickLane, Urban Outftters have recently become a stockist, so go out and choose yours.

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