*The Fabulous F.I.T*

Well a visit to New York isn't really complete without checking out what the Fashion Institute has to offer, so here's a taster of the garments they have in the Seduction and Gothic Dark Glamour Galleries. There was pieces of collections from the infamous Westwood to Gaultier and classics from Mainbocher to Ceil Chapman in the Seduction Gallery.
The Dark Gothic Glamour rooms evoked an all together more mysterious and vampy atmosphere, with pieces from Valentino, Givenchy, Hussein Chalayan to name a few.
I just could not tear my eyes away from these sparkling Christian Laboutins (Fall 08) from the Seduction gallery at F.I.T.
The association of fashion and death is central to this gothic style.
Alexander McQueen feather dress.

Fashion: I am Fashion, your sister.
Death: My sister?
Fashion: Yes, don't you remember that both of us are daughters of decay?

Giacomo Leopards
'Dialogue of Fashion & Death' 1842.
Slightly depressing but I think relevant dialogue.

This is a template dress used by students so they can see how the original was made without causing it wear and tear.

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