Lily Love::


I have big love for Lily Allen right now, she's been through the rollercoaster of life the past year life with her extreme ups and downs but the girl's pulled through. She's looking amazing, she's settled, in love and happy and she's bagged possibly one of the most enviable ad campaigns of all as THE FACE OF CHANEL! and to top all that off she's practically best mates with Karl. Oh. My. What a life to lead. Very lucky lady.

Under the arches::


Models:: Lucie Nontha @ Models1 & Sian Osborne @ Premier
Make-up artist:: Kanako Yoshida using M.A.C
Hair stylist:: Akio Nishiyama
Stylist:: Biki John
Stylist assistant:: Holly Woodcock
Photographer:: Yusuke Miyazaki
Photographer's assistant:: Shuhei Shine
I'm with the band: The Fash Pack: November editorial

Back to Nature Basics::

I was introduced to THE FASH PACK by my fellow cookie addict Nikki, at nycjuicebox, as she recently became a writer for the magazine. It was also Nikki who showed me some of the beautiful editorials that her editor Naomi puts together. Here's the shoot for October, I think its clear to see what I mean when I say 'beautiful'.
Model:: Kika-Rose at Models 1
Stylist:: Naomi Mdudu
Stylist assistants:: Holly Knox and Sophie Preston
Make-up artist:: Claire Salter
Photographer:: Robert Harper

Angel of the Morning::

Photography:: Zoey Grossman
Styling:: JAK
Hair:: Tara Jean
Makeup:: Miriam Vukich
Model:: Lindsay Lullman @ Next Models NY

Just lately I've barely had time to sleep let alone blog but after a rather rapid check of my email updates I was inspired to post (as usual) about this New Wave shoot. Editorials and photoshoots seem to be my passion at the moment, as lack of money (damn student life!) means I can't shop as much as I'm used to and so I get drawn into the beauty of the image now rather than what's actually being worn (well thats what I've been telling myself anyway!)

After the rubbish weather we've been having lately (rainrainrain) this shoot is a real breath of fresh air, particularly loving the simple location setting. It just works.

Hansel & Gretel::


Who would have predicted that US Vogue would run an editorial featuring Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield with a special appearance by Lady GaGa??! Not the most obvious mix of people but Grace Coddington and Annie Leibovitz make it work. Little Girl & little Boy lost is a reinterpretation of Hansel & Gretel, which never was my favourite fairytale but there's something about this editorial i like......maybe the freaky fish!!!


The sartorialist Scott Schuman has leant his hand to Burberry's newly launched I have longtime bladdy love for the classic trench and for street style so this new site is an instant hit with moi. Art of the trench is a collaboration between Burberry and some of the worlds leading image makers with input from the global creative community. Its aim is to reflect personal style from across the globe.

Scott Schuman.

i put a spell on you::


Powerful and dramatic. Striking.

Photography: Billy Kidd Styling: Aletia Gonzalez Hair:Trevor Bowden @ AMP New York using Kiehl’s Makeup: Lauren Whitworth using YSL Model: Kristy Kaurova @ Major Model Management



AAAAHHHHHH I got my first internship today!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I felt all giddy when I found out, I'm literally on cloud 9.
I'll be working with a creative agency called Shop, based in Nottingham and I'll be mainly concentrating on marketing the Regenerate fashion brand and creating PR materials for Shop. I'm so eager to learn all there is to know about the industry that I just can't wait to start, which is good as I've already been given my first research task. EEEK!

I am the cat that got the chuppa chup!