*Mimi 4 Balmain*

I don't know what it is but I just can't get Balmains Spring 2009 RTW collection out of my head. It quite literally invades my dreams as I sleep I LOVE IT! Everyone knows exactly which ensemble I am talking about in particular because I think I've seen it pop up on every reputable (and otherwise) fashion news outlet in the entire world.

Yes its those pale bleached, ripped at the knee skinnies and that oh-so-beautiful (it has the power)military jacket that I have absolutely zilch chance of getting my hands on, even if I max out my student overdraft (sob). I have thought of every possible way... but no.

I have noticed Topshop have similar jeans in at the moment though, with cute little zips at the ankles, a smidgeon of the price too (ahh sigh of relief).

This dress is also on my wish list, I am loving this shade of jade at the moment, so too it seems is Chanel, who exposed snippets of the tone, mixed in with the trademark monchrome in the Fall 2009 collection...

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