Tricks & Treats::

Happy Halloween!!

Tonight I'm going to be either a clown, a rabid rabbit, a bat, an aristocratic lady of the night or a skeleton (how original) hmmmmmm?!
These guys sure know how to celebrate the scary season in style in this october shoot for Harper's US. Hello costume inspiration!
Photography: Tim Walker
Styling: Jacob K

modern. vintage::

I always like to peruse over quirky furniture designs just so that when I get my own place I'll know exactly what furniture I want in which room. This 'vintage' bookcase is AHHHMAZING and I'd really like one please?! It's designed by Jaren Goh for Munkii and it's a cool mix of historical reference and contemporary fun.

Check out Kim and Jo's blog by clicking on the link below, it's full of breathtakingly beautiful interior design images that you will love...


Another spiffing shoot from New Wave at the ones2watch. The third image down is so domineering, its great.
Photographed::Manolo Campion Styling:: Lisa Von Weise Makeup:: Marija Kopilas Hair:: Catherine Lehtonen


Wanchor mag::

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the new niche-led publication 'Wanchor' (saying it out loud gets me a few stern looks!) as the name leaves me extremely intrigued about the content.....


I don't usually buy Tatler let alone glance at its cover, but I couldn't resist this 300th anniversary edition. I think it's brilliant, it catches your eye and it gives the stereotypical 'posh' mag an edge. I like.


Minkpink is a relatively young Australian fashion brand that I recently stumbled across, who I am growing ever more in love with. It's hard to explain the hard yet soft edge of the collection, but it appeals to me like no other brand has in a while (and I just love to spread the love whenever I find exciting new things!) I've had a brief flick through the summer 2010 collection aswell and that looks just as unsettlingly inspiring (ahh can't wait to see some lovely hazy sunshine again....) Just need to source a stockist in the UK now.......
Take a look at their Myspace page and blog below::

all images from

show some LOVE::


I love this kind of thing. Showing the love should be a common occurence.


bubble. POP. electric::


This shade of blue makes me feel happy.

Wayne Tippetts

lcf 4 puma::


Puma and the London College of Fashion have collaborated together to create an exclusive collection. Under a 'fashion meets music' theme selected students had to rework a classic black t-shirt to create directional fashion forward designs. These are the two winning styles by Angela Brandys and Lauren Greenwood.
Angela Greenwood's padded shoulder frill trim t-shirt is my favourite for its military essence.


SSS bible::

stockholm street style

Where d'ya get your kicks::

We're currently doing a trend tracking project at uni for Kickers (yes I know they remind you of the good old school days but...) trying to make them cool again and start a trend!

So please please please can everyone fill in this survey for us so we can start tracking........

Thanks :)

painted beauty::


Theres not enough beauty editorials that scream 'LOOK AT ME'. The list of things you can do with fake eyelashes is endless........

Photographer: Tyen
Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt
Make up: Tyen & Kim
Model: Anja Rubik
Vogue Paris November 2009

Les scans de Diorette.

union JACK::


These pink platforms totally make this whole outfit and that bag just makes it 'pop'. LOVE.

Wayne Tippetts

Dorothy Shoes::

Office £80. Nice.



I'm in a very sentimental mood right now so just thought I'd show everyone what my lovely boyf bought me for my 21st birthday.....he certainly didn't disappoint. I'd mentioned that I liked Tiffany keys whilst flicking through a magazine one day... oooh about 4 MONTHS AGO!! I don't pride him on having the best memory around so I was so taken aback when I unwrapped that little blue box. I think he made a good timeless choice too, all by himself! <3

shock. HORROR::

I find shoots so interesting when more than one creative media is used. I love the spooky drawings by Jon Rogers mixed with the entertaining poses by Claudia (she's obviously been practising for halloween!

photographer: Michelangelo di Battista
model: Claudia Schiffer
drawings: Jon Rogers
styling: Alison Edmond



One word. IMMENSE.