100th POST!!!!(nearly)gotta be worth a lil celebration ;)


The Mossy::

Wow The Moss is really hogging my blog lately and I know everybody is posting about her latest collection...but i don't care, i like it and am inspired by it so i will also post it!
It's definitely the best yet, can't wait to hit the Highstreet tomorrow for its store launch :)

Just can't get u outta my head::

The song I just cant stop humming this week....


Beautiful. dreamy. the girl still got it, cheers tesh.
tesh from fashiongonerogue.

Knit Parade::

I'm not trying to wish away the last few days of summer but I cannot bladdy wait for the leaves to drop off the trees signalling the return of autumn/winter, just so that I can wear the fisherman knit. eeeeee. Doesn't she look so cosy?


Model. of. MY. moment::

Adriana Lima LOVE her.
And LOVE the photography too by Dusan Reljin.

Drape me::


Was flicking through an Alix Gres book the other day for inspiration and completely fell in love with her draped dresses from 1950's/60's. I think all will agree they're pretty stunning. Wish I'd had time to visit the Met Museum while I was in NY.
On another note though I think we'll be seeing similar dresses to these cropping up on the high street as draping looks to be the new seasons next big trend. If so I definately want one as its the perfect feminine statement...




I think these Fendi boots were designed with my dream boot in mind....

some inspiration::


jolly holiday::


Me and the Boyf are going on a little jolly holiday for a few days, so won't be posting again till after the weekend :)

image: weheartit.

UNDER. water. for. you.


This post is dedicated my new found awe of Saga Sig, who is the talented photographer of these images and to The girl with Chanel after her recent post about underwater pictures. Hope you like. I also have a love for underwater pics after getting carried away with one of my friends waterproof camera in Ibiza last summer....swimming pool + waterproof cam = a lot of fun :)
I think you will all agree how inspiring and beautiful these images are.
Images: underwater goddess @ http://saganendalausa.blogspot.com/

Saga. Sig.



I came across Saga Sig (top image) today while I was browsing the nominee's for Dazed's Blog Awards and I totally love the style of her shoots, they show incredible flair and similarity to a painting. I was also totally surprised to find she is currently still a student studying in London, yet has already done work for mags like ELLE, Marie-Claire and Glamour and online editorials for Dazed as well as featuring on Facehunter. As a fellow student that is a pretty mean feat to beat!

Check out her blog where she posts her shoots, inspiration and personal images...THE NEVER ENDING STORY .

images: the_coveted.

Interior. Fashion::

Me and the girls are due to move into our lovely Uni house on Sept 1st and I cannot wait. I'm so excited to decorate the interior and especially my bedroom, as a result I've been obsessively pouring over interior design mags, blogs and websites lately for inspiration. What I love most about decorating is the feeling of having achieved something when you've finished. Paul Smith's digitally scanned British flowers in The Design Embassy at the Villa Reale in Milan has inspired me to get the scanner and sewing machine out and create my own version.
Here's hoping my handywork is half as good as these pics.
Images: Paul Smith at urbanjunkies.com

Sea of Shoes Showdown::

Is there really no end to Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes talent? apparently not as she has recently worked with Urban Outfitters and designed this pretty sweet trio collection. On the website there is a really lovely little sentence about Jane and the exclusivity of these shoes. As well as having a complete and utter J. Aldridge look about them I have a feeling buying a pair of these would be a massive investment, the start of something really big for a very talented little blogger :)

Those boots, in a word, AMAZING!

Topshop Warrior::

My long searched for and awaited Topshop gladiators.
Finally got them in Bristol, last pair, in the sale, it was so meant to be.
I love them alot