Summer breeze makes me feel fine…

Just got back from an amazing girly holiday on the beautiful Greek islands of Zante and Kefalonia, where temperatures hit 42 degrees in the shade, this is why it’s been a bit quiet on the old blog front of late. After booking it just 48 hours before the plane left the run way the whole packing palava was very hurried and stressful but I think I did ok, you can’t go far wrong with a few tip top bikini’s.

With the whole boring topic of recession still biting my bank balance it had to be a holiday on a budget, but considering all the things we did and places we got to see I think I proved it possible.

Heres a few pics of my grecian galavants to cheer you up (make you jealous) in this very wet and rather cold country.


Mamma Mia potential??





Myrtos Beach (aka Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, ring any bells??)


The most amazing ice cream….

eye DECO::

I've been noticing lately more and more people decorating their eyes and I like i like i like.
My friend Holly has always dressed to suit her mood and she has always decorated her eyes which reflects this, with either false lashes, gems or make up and it always looks amazing. So obviously more people from her uni have caught on and I've seen people around my uni too and the trend grows on and on...










Gaga for GaGa::

Lady GaGa is completely, solely, entirely and ultimately the one to blame for the new wave of dominatrix slash sexy punk style to invade the world of fashion. So some people say, or maybe its her incredible instinct for a trend mixed with her outrageous confidence to show some skin. It is the absolute antithesis and, hmm, lets say... a lot harder to pull off compared to the easy-lux trend which we've become accustomed to and comfortable with of late.


Richard Nicoll...i want those leggings


Hussein Chalayan...nothing new for him

I wish I had the body confidence to bare all GaGa style.


I was so happy when I ventured in to Topshop last week to check out the sale and found a beautiful crystal (looking) encrusted skirt that I could call my very own. I also got very attached to one of the most beautiful jackets I've ever seen and I may just have to make an investment....


i am tres jaloux!

Crystal CRUSH::

At the moment my absolute trend crush is anything sparkly, shiny or glittery. I love the girlyness of it all and of course how instantly glammed up wearing sparkly things makes you feel. In the past I've kept all things sparkly solely to the job of my jewellery, which I feel lost without now. Another ab-fab thing about glitter is that it catches the light and so smoothes out your silhouette, and who doesnt love a streamlined figure?

A few of my favourite sparklers straight off the catwalk are Marios Schwab's crystal encrusted slivers...

Photobucket Photobucket

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci is another collection that caught my eye...


Balenciaga have also jumped on the sparkly bandwagon....


Long time no see::

Wow I really thought that once uni was finished for summer I would have soo much more time on my hands. How very wrong I was! I have been so busy that I’ve hardly had time to even switch on my laptop, let alone add to my blog! I managed to find a job almost straight away and luckily I know quite a few people who I can do bits of work for here and there to earn some extra pennies.

But the best part so far has been my work placement for my Uncles Graphic design company. He does all sorts of visuals for all sorts of things. He’s worked for TV companies designing sets and with big brands, designing and making installations for their flagship stores. While I was there I was lucky enough to play a part in Dunhill’s next season display design and created sample books of materials and fabric swatches. As well as that I was shown how to design furniture on Photoshop, I designed a seating installation for Hamley’s toy store who are opening a flagship in Glasgow, how exciting! Annnnnnnd on top of that (although it has nothing to do with fashion) I designed banners to represent the different seasons e.g. Christmas and Halloween, that are going to be used for the interior design of a chain of children’s soft play centres. It was quite exciting stuff to be doing something that was fun but real and my banner designs are actually going to be used!!!

I also got introduced to the program, 3D design studio which was actually amazing, I thought the visual was a photograph, but it was all done on a PC.  Crazy!dunhill3 dunhill5 dunhill 2

Here’s a few photo’s of some of the installations my Uncle designed and produced for Dunhill.