*Home. Sweet. Home*

Ahh its so so good to go home, one of the best bits just has to be the fact that I can resume my Mummy's girl position and get totally spoilt and waited on.
The perks of this gruelling status are...

1. Clothes shopping becomes sooooo much more exciting, just because I don't have to worry about how much of my student loan I have left to live off the rest of the week because I don't spend a penny.

2.If the Mother is slacking, the boyfriend is always around to resume the pampering role (by this I mean buying me the top or accessory that I really need).
Here are some of my much loved and appreciated prezzies from the lovely Mother, both courtesy of the trusty Topshop...

Absolutely lusting the denim look leggings, after being totally over-whelmed and spoilt for choice in Topshops Oxford Street store recently, I managed to drag myself away without making any hasty decisions and have decided on these little beautys (saving myself £20 in the process thanks again to Mama- BARGAIN!)

The innocent looking tulip hem vest is a summer must, with it's secret killer split down both sides, perrrrrrfect for my summer look I'm thinking...

Speaking of which, I've had enough of this dull, windy, cold weather now, it's supposed to be SPRING now so I want to start dressing like it pleeeeease.

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