*That's NOT posh*

I don't think I have to say anything. Except, What was she thinking!

This is more garish than glam, far too severe for her tiny frame and features.

Victoria has been getting rather fond of Parker's peak hat, but I think it is time to give it back.

Ok it has to be said... at one time or another everyone has taken a little bit of style inspiration from the trusty Mrs Becks yes? But after taking a look at these horendous getups you may be asking yourself WHY?! Lord only knows what Posh was thinking to trust her stylist on these mishaps, come on Posh trust your own instincts because we all know that works (her latest dress design for her collection has proved highly successful) and what is worse is that these photo's are all relatively recent. Maybe this is a prime example of when a celebrity (and designer!) should sack their stylist and go it alone.

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  1. She actually looks as if she's going to fly the plane in that hat. Not get on it! Couldn't agree more Em :) xxx