Mango's new face::


Scarlett Johansson is the new face of Mango for their A/W 09 collection. I think she looks really good at the moment and I'm liking Mango's choice of celeb endorsements- real(ish) women with realistic figures!

Model Spot:: Dara Main

I don't know about anyone else but when I look at this girl I get an extreme case of Twiggy-esque de-ja-vu! Her features and her poses both subtly reminisce the 60's pin up.
Her name is Dara Main and she's only 16 but was first spotted at 11 and was a finalist in the V/Supreme model search. So I think it's fair to say her modelling career has been a long time coming. She's signed to Mode Models and I think we'll definately be ssing more of her in the future...

Model Spot:: Olga Verdis

Olga Verdis is a new face with amazingly striking features, looking more Southern Pacific than Eastern European. She's signed to 1 Model Management.

laid back cool::

It's all about the comfort factor... and my lush green JC bag!

New Look first ever TV ad::

New Looks first ever TV ad isn't bad except I'm not sure I'm keen on the mix of monochrome at the start and bright colours to finish, it sort of doesn't match the brand image and seems a little bit contradictory to each other, but I guess it's one way of attracting attention they might not otherwisw have got if the ad started out being bright and happy etc...? What does everyone else think?

DJ A-Trak::

Saw A-Trak at The Arches, London Bridge the other week and he really was pretty amazing. I don't think I've ever thrown so many shapes in one night, best workout ever! Here's a link to his myspace where you can stream some of his tracks, hope you like...

1971 REISS

Loving this cute white jacket (above and below...)

This jumper would definately be an investment piece...

I've been looking for a white sequin dress for ages YAY...

1971 Reiss is the new younger, edgier, denim-led, sub-brand being launched on August 20th and will cost a little less than the premium brand to appeal to a wider audience.
Here's a sneak preview courtesy of Drapers and from what I see, I like, I hope the rest of the collection will be just as edgy and a little different. I think the collection takes the best bits of other brands like Topshops straight off the catwalk trends and Allsaints individuality, which is something the market needs to drive out all this over-consumption of cheap and crappy clothes and the obsession with primark!
I for one am definately learning that when you pay more you can get more.

Scuba car...??!

Ok so this has zilch to do with fashion but I thought it was really cool and innovative so I'm guna post about it...the Lotus elise sQuba concept. Basically a car (a rather nice one at that) that can drive under water upto 10 meters deep at 2 miles per hour. Its not actually going into manufacture but WOW what will they come up with next!!

Lip Love

I Dunno what it is about red lips bit I am absolutely loving them at the moment, red lipstick seriously has the potential to make anyone look sexy. For example, you wake up late one day and the boyfriends coming round in 5 minutes ‘SHIT’ you feel rubbish so slap on some red lippy and the rest won’t even matter!

Scarlett demonstrates this perfectly(…with the exception of a few hours in makeup!!)SCARL

Matthew does menswear...

Matthew Williamson's first menswear collection for H&M also marks H&M's first ever collaboration to produce a menswear collection. Released on 14th May and inspired by Williamson's own wardrobe, the pieces are quite eclectic and have a strong sense of individual style. Williamson said: “I have aimed to incorporate a styling juxtaposition where global inspiration is fused with quintessential English style.”
He also apparently said that if the H&M men’s range proves to be successful, he will consider adding menswear to his mainline.

However cool and kooky Matthew Williamson and co might look in bright cerise jeans, I doubt the general male population will think the same way, or maybe I'm in for a surprise...

Sessun Collection SS09

Whilst doing a bit of the old blog browsing, I came across the French brand Sessun, which has an absolutely gorgeous new collection, with the cutest names of particular styles like 'little sparrow'. I've never come across this brand before but I'll definately be looking out for it in UK stores from now on. On top of that the photography found in their little lookbook preview is amazing, with high contrast colours and a hazy, lazy summer tone, it makes me not only want to go to Paris and buy the whole collection but also completely copy the styling. There is just something so sweet and romantic about all things French.

I think the photography is by Melanie Elbaz, but don't quote me on that, anyone know??

Model Spot:: Chris Rayner

Introducing Chris Rayner, the latest 18 year old blue eyed, strawberry blond, Lancashire born Brit to hit the agency's books. He has the kind of boy next door looks that everyone loves to love and which don't crop up very often on the male modelling scene. I can see him doing well and I think he has the perfect look for the next Dolce and Gabbana or Burberry advertising campaign. So Domenico and Stefano listen up!
Thanks nycjuicebox for pointing this little cutie out :)

picture perrrrfect


Here's a few random images that I just think are brilliant so I'm guna post them!

Topshop wishlist...

I've been looking for the perfect blazer for a while now, something that is a little bit different than the average black jacket and I think I might have just found it in Topshop. I was in the Oxford street store on friday scouring the rows upon rows of items that would go a long way to making my life so much better if I owned them, when I saw it. Premium cut-out black blazer- £65- but seeing as its the last term and all and money is tight, I've put myself on an extremely strict, succumb and die clothing budget :(

Which means that the blazer will have to wait (I say as I shed a tear cuz I really really want it.....and need!)


Loving all the knotting, slashing and wrapping effects in Topshops new witchcraft collection. Aswell as laser cut jerseys, fringing and beautiful bodycon silhouettes. Going to Oxford St store on saturday so i may just have to stock up on a few key pieces...

Model Spot:: João Victor Salvadori

Wow this boy is gorgeous, he has the kind of looks of a prince charming that you dream about marrying when you're little. And those eyes....well i think it's quite possible for someone to get lost in them. He's signed to Cherry Models and i cannot wait to see more shots of this Brazilian male beauty :)


On the subject of jewellery this is another piece that i would rather like to own by Delfina Delettrez, I thought it was Vivianne Westwood at first glance cuz it's a bit like her bones collection. Basically in a

i heart tiffany

I really really want a Tiffany key, they are so cute and I would actually wear it forever. While I was browsing the website i came across a few other pieces i liked too...any one of those bracelets would be nice, particularly the chain link...or even better all of them :)

You never know though, its my 21st soon so I would really like a Tiffany key shaped present please....