Summer breeze makes me feel fine…

Just got back from an amazing girly holiday on the beautiful Greek islands of Zante and Kefalonia, where temperatures hit 42 degrees in the shade, this is why it’s been a bit quiet on the old blog front of late. After booking it just 48 hours before the plane left the run way the whole packing palava was very hurried and stressful but I think I did ok, you can’t go far wrong with a few tip top bikini’s.

With the whole boring topic of recession still biting my bank balance it had to be a holiday on a budget, but considering all the things we did and places we got to see I think I proved it possible.

Heres a few pics of my grecian galavants to cheer you up (make you jealous) in this very wet and rather cold country.


Mamma Mia potential??





Myrtos Beach (aka Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, ring any bells??)


The most amazing ice cream….

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