Long time no see::

Wow I really thought that once uni was finished for summer I would have soo much more time on my hands. How very wrong I was! I have been so busy that I’ve hardly had time to even switch on my laptop, let alone add to my blog! I managed to find a job almost straight away and luckily I know quite a few people who I can do bits of work for here and there to earn some extra pennies.

But the best part so far has been my work placement for my Uncles Graphic design company. He does all sorts of visuals for all sorts of things. He’s worked for TV companies designing sets and with big brands, designing and making installations for their flagship stores. While I was there I was lucky enough to play a part in Dunhill’s next season display design and created sample books of materials and fabric swatches. As well as that I was shown how to design furniture on Photoshop, I designed a seating installation for Hamley’s toy store who are opening a flagship in Glasgow, how exciting! Annnnnnnd on top of that (although it has nothing to do with fashion) I designed banners to represent the different seasons e.g. Christmas and Halloween, that are going to be used for the interior design of a chain of children’s soft play centres. It was quite exciting stuff to be doing something that was fun but real and my banner designs are actually going to be used!!!

I also got introduced to the program, 3D design studio which was actually amazing, I thought the visual was a photograph, but it was all done on a PC.  Crazy!dunhill3 dunhill5 dunhill 2

Here’s a few photo’s of some of the installations my Uncle designed and produced for Dunhill.

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